Tomáš Kraus

After finishing Film school Zlín, Tomas cooperated on more than thirty films. From animation, thru advertisements he ended up shooting short films. He is using his various skills in many ways of visual storytelling. Now he working on cut-scenes for Czech game KingdomCome: Deliverance, developing technical equipment for recording sports and supporting an international documentary workshop.

Michal "Kunes" Kováč

Born in 1987 in Prešov, Slovakia. His first filming experience were sports videos about aggressive inline skating. He earned his pseudonym "Kunes" through graffiti.
Michal made his first short film in highschool. Named "Selfdestruct", it’s aimed against drugs. After school, he worked as a documentary cameraman for the TV show “112” and later moved on to music videos, mostly written as narrative short films. His latest short film is titled "Sídlisková poviedka".

Reason (short) / Director of photography
Ektor: All In (Prod. DJ Wich) (short) / Director of photography
Reason (short) / Director of photography
Terrible Lie (short) / Director of photography